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As an early digital entrepreneur, Shane was among the first to recognize common challenges faced by companies in implementing successful digital marketing and business development solutions. He launched InterActive Circle as a result—defying the norm in delivering client revenues well above industry averages. Sought out as a consultant since, Shane has helped business owners traverse the digital landscape to achieve financial success. The Agency Builder, an outcropping of his consulting work, assists others in successfully launching their own digital marketing brands.

Shane M. Dunn

Founder & CEO

With a dynamic career spanning over 25 years, John Hoeft has established himself as a leading figure in the advertising and digital marketing landscape. His profound expertise encompasses the development of innovative agency operating systems and the formulation of impactful go-to-market strategies and content marketing initiatives. John’s professional journey boasts executive roles within esteemed media firms, advertising agencies, publishers, and SaaS marketing technology and data visualization platforms.

John Hoeft


Alan is an innovative executive with a passion for driving revenue. His strategic revenue leadership and collaboration with medium and large multinational corporations have led to revenue growth at Oracle Retail, Insite Software (now Optimizely), Digital River, Agile Frameworks, IBT, Inc., and Rahr Corp among others. Alan specializes in bridging the gap between technology and execution to deliver customer value. His unique ability to blend sales and marketing technology with qualitative process engineering has been instrumental in scaling revenue for companies of all sizes.

Alan Littman

Chief Revenue Officer

Scott is a seasoned private equity investor turned strategic executive and board advisor with a passion for partnering with privately held and family-owned businesses. With a career spanning over two decades, Scott has dedicated himself to navigating transformational growth strategies across an array of different industries. Scott’s keen ability to establish a simplified financial discipline, challenge the status quo, and identify untapped opportunities will be instrumental in driving value creation for the digital agencies we have the privilege to launch and optimize for many years to come.

Scott Loe

Strategic Advisor

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